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The BiscayApp contest is already in the evaluation phase. With over 120 projects submitted, the jury must choose two finalists per category that will be announced at the end of October.

The jury is composed by representatives of the institutions that collaborate with the contest and by agents from other entities related to fields of technology and business, who will be acompanied by professionals with expertise in each of the categories of the contest.

Institutional Representatives
Mikel Gaminde, General Director of Administration Modernization will be the representative from the County Council of Biscay, main promoter of contest. Alaitz Etxeandia, General Director of the BiscayTIK Foundation, will be representing this entity, who is in charge of the coordination and disemination of the contest.

Ainara Basurko and Javier García Barcina will be part of the jury in the name of Beaz and Oscar Ugarte on behalf of Seed Capital. Both organizations are important parts of the contest, with a fundamental participation in the final prize, apart from their great knowledge and experience in the field of entrepreneurship and evaluation of business plans.

Technological Enterprises
Tomás Iriondo, General Director of the Cluster of Electronic and Information Technologies in the Basque Country, and Eunate Ramírez, Manager of the Association of Open Source Software Enterprises of the Basque Country, join the group adding the point of view of specialized technological enterprises.

Professionals with broad experience
Finally, the group of specialized experts has one professional per category:

  • Silver economy: Karmele Acedo, Manager or Grupo SSI and General Secretary of the EFFE European Federation for Family Employment.
  • Energy: Iñigo Ansola, General Director of the EVE Ente Vasco de Energía -Basque Energy Entity.
  • Data Intelligence: Alberto González Peñalver, Product Owner at BBVA OP3N.
  • Advanced manufacturing: Agustín Sáenz, Director of the Industry and Transportation Division of Tecnalia.

Once the finalists are selected, the jury will gather on the 29th of November, and the winning ideas for each category and the final winner of the BiscayApp contest will be announced during the closing ceremony of the X anniversary of the BiscayTIK Foundation.

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