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The BiscayApp award will recognize the best app from all of those submitted taking into account criteria such as design, usability and user friendliness, functionality, socio-economic viability, market possibilities and level of innovation compared to other similar products, as well as the innovative character of the proposal and the potential growth of the new company.

Moreover, a number of recognitions will be given to the best apps in the following categories.

The categories that will be prized are aligned with the main lines of work of the strategic plan of the County Council of Biscay and are the following:

  • Silver Economy

This category is aimed at those applications that tackle the different challenges of society nowadays, focusing on the silver economy which envisions the business opportunities that come from the mature adults or elderly people sector, and on taking advantage of existing information (Open Data) from the areas of activity of the County Council of Biscay itself.

  • Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence is a trend that is gaining relevance when looking into the future, becoming a cornerstone in numerous sectors. Due to this fact, this category will recognize those initiatives that benefit from this new trend, envisioning new possibilities and figuring out adapted business models.

  • Energy

This is a strategic area that offers broad business possibilities. As it is a field in constant evolution with the appearance of trends such as renewable energy, sustainability dynamics or changes in regulations, it offers a wide range of opportunities that can be worked on and that should be recognized in this category.

  • Advanced manufacturing

The segment of production sectors, which covers automotive, aerospace or mechanical industries, is living a period of great changes, such as the paradigm of the 4.0 industry or advanced manufacture. These are going to set the grounds for an innovative transformation that should be recognized in this category.

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