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The following Rules establish the terms and conditions of the BiscayApp contest as well as the requirements and rules that all participants in the contest must know.


BiscayApp is a mobile app contest organized by the BiscayTIK Foundation, a non-profit organization that depends upon the Provincial Council of Biscay, in collaboration with BEAZ and SEED CAPITAL.

The contest has, among others, the following goals:

  • Acknowledge private enterprise projects and business models based on the most innovative mobile apps.

  • Contribute to the dissemination of the resources of the Provincial Council of Biscay as vectors to attract and promote an innovative business network in Biscay.

  • Attract innovative initiatives to Biscay.

  • Contribute to the modernization efforts that the Provincial Council of Biscay is making by identifying innovative initiatives.

  • Strengthen collaboration networks between the Provincial Council of Biscay and entrepreneurial agents.

The official web site of the contest is, where all the related information can be found.



The BiscayApp award will recognize the best app from all of those submitted taking into account criteria such as design, usability and user friendliness, functionality, socio-economic viability, market possibilities and level of innovation compared to other similar products, as well as the innovative character of the proposal and the potential growth of the new company.

Moreover, a number of recognitions will be given to the best apps in the following categories.

The categories that will be prized are aligned with the main lines of work of the strategic plan of the Provincial Council of Biscay and are the following:

  • Silver Economy

This category is aimed at those applications that tackle the different challenges of society nowadays, focusing on the silver economy which envisions the business opportunities that come from the mature adults or elderly people sector, and on taking advantage of existing information (Open Data) from the areas of activity of the Provincial Council of Biscay itself.

  • Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence is a trend that is gaining relevance when looking into the future, becoming a cornerstone in numerous sectors. Due to this fact, this category will recognize those initiatives that benefit from this new trend, envisioning new possibilities and figuring out adapted business models.

  • Energy

This is a strategic area that offers broad business possibilities. As it is a field in constant evolution with the appearance of trends such as renewable energy, sustainability dynamics or changes in regulations, it offers a wide range of opportunities that can be worked on and that should be recognized in this category.

  • Advanced manufacturing

The segment of production sectors, which covers automotive, aerospace or mechanical industries, is living a period of great changes, such as the paradigm of the 4.0 industry or advanced manufacture. These are going to set the grounds for an innovative transformation that should be recognized in this category.


The contest will have the following stages:


During this stage the candidate apps will be presented through this web, completing the form.

This phase will start on October 2nd, 2017 and will finish on June 30th, 2018.


The two finalists for each category will be announced during the last half of October 2018. This election will be made by a specialized jury.


During the final gala ceremony, that will take place in November 2018, the finalists will show a presentation of their app in front of the jury, highlighting the possibilities of their project, the sectors they aim at, the contribution to society, possible business model, etc.

Furthermore, they will have the chance to hand in a portfolio about the app, the milestones reached, the business model, the potential to grow and the action plan to launch the activities of the future business.  The jury will take all this into account towards their final verdict.

  • Winners by category

The jury will choose a winner for each one of the categories.

  • BiscayApp Prize

The jury will award the app that offers the potential to generate an innovative and sustainable business model.

The BiscayApp award aims at offering an opportunity to develop a business project backed by the different agents of the Provincial Council of Biscay, such as BEAZ and SEED CAPITAL that depend on the Department for Economic and Territorial Development or on the BiscayTIK Foundation itself.

In this final stage there will be a unique jury, formed by people with broad knowledge in the field of mobile applications, entrepreneurship and supporting novel business initiatives, mobile business models, etc.


The winners in each category will receive the following prizes:

  • Silver Economy: 2,000 €

  • Data Intelligence: 2,000 €

  • Energy: 2,000 €

  • Advanced Manufacturing: 2,000 €

All of the candidates that are finalists will receive a diploma certifying that they have reached the final.

The winner of the BiscayApp prize will receive 10,000 € and later support to launching the project. This support will be granted by BEAZ, SEED CAPITAL and the BiscayTIK Foundation.


Presentation of entries by candidates

October 2nd, 2017 to June 30th, 2018.

Announcement of finalists for each category

Second half of October.

Final Gala Ceremony

November 2018.


In the preliminary stage, each category will have its own jury, formed by experts in each of the specific areas, that will decide who will be the finalists.

The final gala will have a unique expert jury that will be in charge of choosing the winners for each category during the gala ceremony from among those presented, as well as of selecting the winner of the BiscayApp award. For this award the jury may rely on external advisors experts in supporting the launching and financing of innovative projects.

The jury will appreciate general criteria: design, usability, user friendliness, functionality, socio-economic viability of the business project, market possibilities and level of innovation compared to other similar products, as well as the innovative characteristic of the proposal.

The organization reserves its right to discard and exclude from the contest any participant if they:

  • Do not comply with the rules or terms and conditions of the contest.

  • Infringe upon moral and public order rights.

  • Have made an abuse or violated the contest or have given false information.


This contest aims at identifying and promoting novel innovative business initiatives in Biscay and will be subject to the particular conditions that BEAZ and SEED CAPITAL may establish in their activities to support the generation and launching of the new business activities.

Those projects that have innovation and original elements in their products, processes or services in the market of Biscay will be considered innovative. They should show great potential to create wealth, generate added value and have viability expectations.

In order to be able to opt for these services, the business project must meet the requirements and filters that are regularly demanded by BEAZ and SEED CAPITAL that may include personal interviews, business plans, etc.

In the case that the jury may consider that there are no candidate projects that meet the requirements needed they can declare the contest null.

Likewise, in the case that during the progress of the services associated to the prize the project may not meet the minimum requirements, the prize may be taken away, partially or totally.


Any App that meets the following requirements may participate in the contest.

  • It must be related to the proposed topics.

  • Its promoters must be over 18.

  • It must be an original idea, not copied or stemmed from existing products.

  • Reasonable level of development of the value proposal.

  • Identified business model and signs of scalability of the proposal.

In the case of opting for the BiscayApp award, the promoters must meet the following conditions:

  • Have a registered legal and tax address in the Historical Territory of Biscay in the moment of receiving the services associated to the prize.

  • Be up to date with tax obligations, with the Social Security and with the reimbursement of funding.

  • Have no administrative or penal fines for sex discrimination.

If any of these conditions are not fulfilled at the moment of submitting the entry to the contest, they shall be repaired before the formal reception of the prize. If that is not the case, the prize may be taken away or given to another candidate app.


Registration or entry to the contest will be made exclusively through the page set up with this purpose.


The participation in the current edition means the complete acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions of the contest.


The participant shall be responsible for any complaint that the organization may receive coming from the image or text included in the proposal of the contest. The organization will have no responsibility in the event of receiving any complaint from any third party related to the proposal.

Each participant guarantees the truthfulness of the submitted information responding to any claim that may be received in the case of unfulfilling such guarantee.

The unfulfilling of any of the terms and conditions and/or the guarantees will exclude the participant from the contest.

The participants that want to take part in the activity may submit their entry until the deadlines that are published and properly announced on the web page.

The decision about the winners of the prizes will be published in the official web page of the contest


The organization reserves the right to interpret and modify the terms and conditions of this contest at any moment or even cancel it or invalidate it in the case of a legitimate reason. In any case, they commit to communicate to the participants the modification of the terms and conditions or, in the case, the cancelation of the whole contest, through the web pages of the organization.

The organization will not be liable for the damage that may be caused to the contestants that come from system errors, breakdowns, overloads, line falls or any other events of similar type, that are unintentional and that the organization is unaware of and that can make connection unavailable to web pages. Equally the organization will not be liable for damages that may come from the benefits of the prizes or as a consequence of these.

Contestants commit to providing complete, true and up to date information. In all cases, the organization does not systematically verify the information and therefore declines any liability coming from possible errors, omissions or false statements.

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