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If you have a completed or developing app, test it out at the BiscayApp contest.

BiscayApp is the contest of BiscayTIK, the Foundation of the Provincial Council of Biscay, which seeks to promote the use of new technologies in society. It is a competition open to ideas of applications generated both in the business world and by private developers, to restless and creative minds non-related professionaly the world of applications.

The main requirements to participate in BiscayApp are to be over 18 years of age and that the application- or idea of an application- fits in one of the following categories: Silver Economy, Data Intelligence, Energy and Advanced Manufacturing.

What must a BiscayApp candidate app be like?
The candidate applications can be still in draft form, in a development phase or in operation. In all three cases the idea must be original, whether it is still situated at a theoretical stage or a technological development which has already taken place.

Biscayapp prize categories
The categories that will be awarded are aligned with the strategic plan of the Provincial Council of Biscay and are as follows:

  • Silver Economy
    The silver economy addresses the opportunities arising from the sector of the elderly. Any idea emerging in the family or professional field can be a perfect candidate for this category. If you are working on an application that allows your seniors to record their contacts from a paper sheet, if you are in the healthcare world and have an idea of how to manage medication remotely or you are a company with a tool that sends adapted leisure offers, this may be your chance to make it a real. 
  • Data Intelligence
    Data Intelligence or data analysis to extract useful information is a futuristic trend that is acquiring great relevance, becoming a key player in many sectors. Data
    Analysis is useful for big corporations but also for many other equally necessary every-day uses. Data exists in all professional fields and everyday life. Data analysis for marketers and investors, processing data obtained by large production chains, getting to know the consumption habits of a local business or the pace of progress of schoolchildren through the data analysis of their digital books: all these could all be candidates for BiscayApp.
  • Energy
    Energy can be found in all areas of life, from home to businesses. Energy can be subject of a mobile app from any of these areas. We would love you to surprise us with an app aimed to achieving a more efficient use of energy resources at home or in a business, to collaborate with the development of sustainability or to reach more eco-friendly day-to-day living.
  • Advanced Manufacturing
    Industry 4.0, consists of the digitalization of industrial processes through the interaction of artificial intelligence with machines and the optimization of resources, which has led to a complete groundbreaking transformation. If you are familiar with the Industry 4.0 and have an idea that could fit in this category, it’s time to take the next step. If you know how to bring advanced manufacturing to SMEs, you evolve in the world of virtual reality or in the Internet of Things, have an idea to put technology at the service of medicine or to increase business competitiveness, BiscayApp gives you the opportunity to show it to the public.

Phases of the BiscayApp awards
The registration period will remain open until June 30, 2018.

The apps will be evaluated by a jury of experts that will take into account criteria such as the level of innovation, usability, design, and marketing possibilities.

The two finalists in each category will be announced in October, chosen by the expert jury. The finalists will present their apps to the jury at a final gala in November, where the final verdict will also be announced.

Prizes in cash
The winning application in each category will receive €2.000. The winning application of the BiscayApp contest will receive €10.000 and further support in developing the project. The BiscayApp prize’s aim is to offer an opportunity to develop a business project under the umbrella of the different agents of the Provincial Council of Biscay such as BEAZ, SEED CAPITAL and the BiscayTIK Foundation.


Consult the complete official rules.

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If you wish to submit your application, please use the official registration form that can be found here.

Remember that if you want to submit your app, you must do it via the registration form that can be found here.